RELEASE: The Sirens Call Issue #37 ‘The 6th Annual Women in Horror Month Edition’ | #Horror #WiHM #FREE @Sirens_Call

The Sirens Song

Sirens Call Publications is pleased to announce the release of the latest issue of

The Sirens Call

Our 37th issue of The Sirens Call eZine comes in at 225 pages and features short stories, flash fiction, and poetry written exclusively by Women in the Horror genre! It also contains artwork by, and an interview with LiZzdom and an interview with author Lydia Prime.

Click on the cover for your #FREE download!


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Introducing Toneye Eyenot, Horror Author & More!

Author Theresa Jacobs


Hi Toneye, tell us about your books, genre, stand-alone or series.

Toneye: Hi, Theresa! And hails n howls to your readers! My books range from Dark Fantasy, through to extreme horror, and bouncing around the many subgenres in between. The Dark Fantasy books are part of my ongoing ‘The Sacred Blade of Profanity’ series. Although primarily Fantasy, they do have some pretty brutal instances of horror, especially the second book, Joshua’s Folly. The others are stand alone and purely Horror. Blood Moon Big Top blends Werewolf and Clown together in a rabid romp of psychological and extreme Horror. Wolvz: Whispers of War is, as the title suggests, a Werewolf novella. My latest two releases are collections. The first is Flash of Darkness – five tales of flash fiction, dipping the brush in different subgenres of Horror. The second is Psychotic Interlude – a larger collection of more extreme short…

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Roadie Notes

Top 10 books of the year

There were so many amazing books I read this year that it was truly difficult to just list 10 of them. So much talent and passions for what you do and I love every second of it. Thank you all for letting me be a small piece of your world.

1. Flanagan

by: James Longmore-

Chris and Helen Sewell are your typical, all-American couple; happily married for ten years, respected high school teachers.

During their annual Spring Break vacation to recharge their batteries and reconnect with each other after undergoing a gruelling but unsuccessful fertility program, Chris and Helen are waylaid by a perverse gang of misfits in the small, North Texas town of Flanagan.

Taken hostage as the focus of the gang’s twisted games, Chris and Helen are forced to perform increasingly vicious acts of physical, sexual and emotional torture upon each other…

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2017 is a Very Good Year!

Ciao y’all!

I never imagined I’d be so busy this fall. It’s always a busy time of year for us as a family (Texas Ren Fest, Greek Festival, HALLOWEEN!! Yes, I capitalized every letter of HALLOWEEN!! And put exclamation points too! I love HALLOWEEN!!)

But now I’ve added something new into the mix.

I’ve been working Vendor Tables to sell paperbacks of my books. I first tried it last April at Traders Village Comic Con in Houston and sold twelve books. And while that doesn’t sound like a lot to some, for me it was great! Not only did I make up the cost of the table, but I gained new readers who messaged me later saying they loved my books.

That’s why I write! I love to hear that someone enjoyed what I wrote.

Here’s what I have scheduled for the rest of the year:

October 14th (Saturday)

This weekend I have a table at Houston’s first Horror Con! The ScaryDad’s Haunted Halloween Show. It will be a very small con, but I’m not worried; it will get bigger. Remember, Comicpalooza started out in the lobby of the Alamo Drafthouse years ago and look how big it is now.


October 28th (Saturday night)

I will have a table out at TXR Paintball for their TXR Haunted Zombie Shoot. This will be the last weekend it’s going on. (I was out there for opening weekend as well).


November 10-11 (Friday and Saturday)

I will again be out at TXR Paintball, but this time for their 26-hour scenario, The Painted Dead. If you’re into Paintball, or have always wanted to try one of the big games, you really shouldn’t miss this game. I used to play regularly and have Generalled and Co-Generalled a couple of games (won one / lost one). It’s really a great way to spend a weekend.


December 16-17 (Saturday-Sunday)

In December I’m venturing into something new. I’ve just reserved a Vendor Table at the Houston GRB Gun Show. I’ll probably wander around this place myself during my breaks. Have to be careful that I don’t spend as much as I make. Haha!


Besides my two books I’ll have copies of some anthologies that I have stories in, and a little bit of zombie and horror goodies to buy!

2018 is looking promising with another Traders Village Comic Con, I’m trying to get local authors all together and have one huge author of all genres area. It’ll be beautiful!

And maybe, just maybe, I’ll vend at Comicpalooza.

I hope to see you at one of these!

Addio y’all!

Author Interview – Veronica Smith

A great interview I did with my friend, Prakash Vir Sharma! He had some good questions!

Prakash Vir Sharma

Veronica Smith in ChairHello readers ! I am feeling honored to have such a beautiful personality on my blog. Beautiful means – Beautiful heart, beautiful thoughts, beautiful work ! She is a great supporter of Indies.

1) Welcome Veronica ! Would you please tell a little bit about yourself.

Hi Prakaash! I live in Katy, Texas, which is just west of Houston. I’ve been with my husband for 31 years and we have a grown son who is also a writer. I’ve been doing computer drafting (2D/3D) for an engineering company since 1991, but my real love is writing.

2) When you decided to write and what inspired you?

I’ve always loved to write. When I was young and reading the Nancy Drew books I always planned on being a policewoman when I grew up, then a detective. I even started several of my own “books” and actually got ten chapters or so in…

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