Small Press – Pro’s and Con’s

Author Lisa Vasquez

Many of you know I wear many hats. I’m an author, a book cover designer, and I also run a small press called Stitched Smile Publications. Our company is a wee toddler, and at the same time it feels like I’ve been doing this for years.

I get a lot of questions from  authors, so I’ve decided to add some blogs about publishing here on my blog. I hope you will find it interesting, useful, and comment to ask more. I’m not the “end all, be all” of answers. These opinions are mine, and do not reflect the entire industry as a whole. Take it as you will.

There are good and bad things about small presses, and there are pro’s and con’s to the “big 5”. My goal today, is to discuss both.

If you think I’ll tell you a small press is better for you, you’re wrong. Stick…

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How to increase book sales?

Prakash Vir Sharma

Keywords don’t have to just be one word; they can also be phrases. Record words and short phrases you think your readers might enter into a search engine to find you and your book. Eliminate less important and more generic words and phrases from your list. The more specific the keywords, the more likely the person searching for those specific words will be happy to find your book among the search results. Only use select keywords that apply to your book. Don’t try to game the system by selecting popular keywords and phrases simply because they’re popular. A reader will be able to quickly determine if your book is actually what you said it is and these kinds of tactics will lose customers versus gain them for you by hurting your reputation and audience loyalty.

Is your book a children’s book? What is it about? If you’ve written a children’s…

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